Neck Lift

Your neck is one of the first telltale signs of aging. Excess skin, sagging, and drooping "turkey wattles" can cause men and women to look prematurely older or heavier than they are. Fortunately, a neck lift can reverse these concerns and restore your neck's youthful, elevated appearance.

What concerns can a neck lift correct?

A neck lift performed by an expert plastic surgeon like Dr. Pellegrino will:
  • Tighten and firm the skin on the neck
  • Smooth wrinkles, creases, folds, and vertical bands on the neck
  • Create a sculpted, defined jawline
  • Minimize any excess skin or fat

An overview of a Neck lift

At your initial consultation, Dr. Pellegrino will give you a comprehensive explanation on what to expect from the neck lift procedure. He will carefully evaluate your unique concerns and desired outcome, and make recommendations to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the result of your neck lift.

What to expect during recovery

A neck lift is a significant procedure, so allowing yourself the correct amount of time to recover is extremely important. As you recover, normal side effects consist of swelling, bruising, and pain in the area. Throughout the healing process, Dr. Pellegrino will advise you to elevate your head and avoid strenuous exercise or physical activity for some time after your procedure to promote optimal healing. Dr. Pellegrino and his staff will offer a custom treatment plan and guidance for your individual recovery period throughout your post-operative follow-up appointments.

Is a neck lift right for you?

If you are considering a neck lift, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Pellegrino for an expert's opinion on your candidacy. Generally, most men and women are candidates for a neck lift if sagging neck skin, deep creases or folds in the neck, or excess neck fat are causing your neck to appear prematurely aged. Additionally, candidates for this procedure should be healthy overall. It is important to have a realistic expectation of what a neck lift can accomplish. When performed by an expert plastic surgeon like Dr. Pellegrino, a neck lift will not cause you to look like a different person. Your result will be natural, rejuvenated, and restored, while still looking like you.

Meet Dr. Pellegrino

Dr. Pellegrino is board-certified in plastic surgery and a member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. His 30 years of experience in cosmetic surgery allows him to create individualized custom treatment plans for each client, leading to beautiful, natural results.

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