Eye Lift

An eye lift can help to brighten and refresh the eye area by subtly altering the position of the upper and/or lower eyelids. Whether you feel your top lid has lowered due to lost skin elasticity as you age, or whether you are genetically predisposed to heavy undereye bags, an eye lift can permanently reverse these concerns while creating a more symmetrical, youthful appearance in the eye area.
With over 30 years of experience performing eye lifts, Dr. Pellegrino will skillfully lift and enhance your orbital area and overall facial symmetry.

An overview of an eye lift

At your initial eye lift consultation, Dr. Pellegrino will provide a detailed overview of what to expect during the procedure. He'll assess your unique features and create a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve your desired results. Eye lift procedures can be complemented with other nonsurgical treatments like dermal fillers to enhance volume as needed. Your unique treatment plan will be discussed and tailored during your consultation with Dr. Pellegrino.

Commonly asked questions

Who is a good candidate for an eye lift?

Anyone who has excess fatty deposits in the upper or lower eye area, sagging skin on the upper or lower eye, deep eye wrinkles, fine lines, or crow's feet, or is looking for a permanent solution to heavy undereye bags may be a candidate for an eye lift.

Will an eye lift replace dermal fillers?

An eye lift is designed to be a permanent solution that smooths and lifts the orbital area. It can often correct concerns that dermal fillers won't be able to fully address.

What is the difference between an upper and lower eye lift?

An upper eye lift will treat concerns such as sagging eyelid skin, drooping brows, and wrinkles in the eye area. A lower eye lift will treat concerns like puffy or fatty deposits in the undereye, or deep grooves under the eye from excessive squinting or sun damage.

Could I need an upper and lower eye lift?

These procedures are often performed together to do a complete refresh of the eye area while addressing concerns in multiple areas. If you have concerns in the upper and lower eye area, it is possible to get an upper and lower eye lift to resolve them.

What concerns can an eye lift correct?

An upper or lower eye lift performed by an experienced surgeon like Dr. Pellegrino will:
  • Raise drooping eyelids to their original position
  • Resolve deep-set wrinkles, fine lines, and crow's feet
  • Permanently correct deep-set undereye bags and darkness
  • Create a stunning, youthful brightness to the orbital area

What to expect during recovery

An eye lift is a significant procedure, which is reflected in its recovery timeline. During this period, you may experience side effects like swelling, bruising, redness, and discomfort in the treated area.

Throughout your recovery, it's recommended to take it easy by avoiding strenuous exercise or physical activity, and prioritizing rest. Dr. Pellegrino and his dedicated staff will guide you with a tailored treatment plan, offering support and insights during your post-operative follow-up appointments.

Is an eye lift right for you?

If you're contemplating an eye lift, we invite you to set up a consultation with Dr. Pellegrino to explore the best individualized treatment plan for you. In general, most adults, both men and women, are potential candidates for an eye lift, provided they are in good physical health. It's crucial to approach the process with realistic expectations. When performed by the skilled hands of an expert plastic surgeon like Dr. Pellegrino, an eye lift won't dramatically change your facial appearance. Instead, you can anticipate naturally refreshed eyes, enhancing your gaze with a more youthful appearance.

Meet Dr. Pellegrino

Dr. Pellegrino is board-certified in plastic surgery and a member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. His 30 years of experience in cosmetic surgery allows him to create individualized custom treatment plans for each client, leading to beautiful, natural results.

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